MHS Equestrian Pony Club Center

MHS Equestrian Center is a new Pony Club center that was created in March of 2022. We started with 6 members. Everyone worked hard over the winter in order to get tested for their D level! Everyone passed with flying colors! Our Pony Club star is Wiebke MHS an 18 year old Hanoverian. We have recently added a 12.2 HH pony named Kevin. We are excited to have opened the center for the Portage area!

D Testing Day with all members, March 2022
Feed Jan 2022
Jeopardy Feb 2022
Peyton and Raven at D Testing – March 2022
Easter Hunt April 2022
Whitney and Buddy Oct 2021
Getting the Stable ready for the Horse Dec 2021
Everyone is successful!
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